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Escape Daily Life and Step Into the Shoes of a Princess, a Model and More

Escape Daily Life and Step Into the Shoes of a Princess, a Model and More

Otome Game Memories: My Story, My Choice Launches on iOS and Android Today

October 28th, 2021 - Developer Agate have just released their newest free-to-play mobile otome title Memories: My Story, My Choice that puts a unique twist on the visual novel genre. The game includes multiple playable stories including: Red White Cinderella, Dream! Fashion Star and Vampire Sonata, and they all include multiple unique endings.

In Red White Cinderella players take on the role of a normal girl suddenly transported into a world of royalty. As a princess there are many difficult choices a player will have to make including which crown prince is worthy of your love. Dream! Fashion Star has players navigating their way through a modeling competition trying to become the best of the best in the modeling world. Naturally, players will meet some tasty male models along the way. Finally, in Vampire Sonata when the one person you care about most turns out to be a vampire: you’ll have to decide if you’re willing to stay by his side while you uncover some of the hazy mysteries of your past.

Memories: My Story, My Choice encourages players to fall head over heels with its many memorable stories. Leaning more towards a visual novel or Isekai game, these stories encourage strength and empowerment. Make important decisions that will affect how your stories are told, customise your character and embrace your new incredible life of love and adventure.

Features Include:

  • An expansive library of stories that encourage players to escape their daily life and experience what’s it’s like to embody the life of another
  • Multiple romanceable characters each with their own unique dialogue and endings
  • Challenging choices that will affect the course of every story
  • Customizable characters
  • More stories being added later which means more choices and more romance

Pick up Memories: My Story, My Choice right now on the Google Playstore and the Appstore today.

Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith Account Manager, Vicarious PR
About Agate

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